Giving Circle Members

Anna Eunjoo Ghublikian

Anna Eunjoo Ghublikian (they/them) is an artist, video producer, activist living in Denver, Colorado on the occupied land of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute). They grew up in Boston, MA in an upwardly mobile family and their parents are now owning class. They were adopted from Korea (as were their siblings) to one white and one white-assumed parent. Race, class, and gender are key identities in their life and are their areas of focus when it comes to their personal healing as well as their community organizing.

Esther Park

Esther Park (she/her) is the CEO of Cienega Capital, a regenerative investment firm utilizing an integrated capital approach to systemic change in the areas of soil health, regenerative agriculture, and local food systems. Cienega Capital is also part of the #NoRegrets Initiative, a regenerative asset strategy focused on the health of agricultural soils and agricultural communities of North America. Esther has 20 years of experience in mission-based financial services ranging from microfinance to risk capital investments, in partnership with financial institutions, family offices, foundations, and investment advisors. She also serves as a Board member at Custom Food Solutions, Carman Ranch Provisions, Eden Cider, Civil Eats, and Good Meat Project.

Hali Lee

Hali Lee (she/her) has spent her career doing her best to democratize and diversify the field and practice of philanthropy. She is a Co-Founder of the Donors of Color Network (the first national network of high net wealth donors of color) and was part of the co-design team that birthed Philanthropy Together (a national effort to strengthen and scale the collective giving movement). She also founded the Asian Women Giving Circle which has moved over a million dollars to support arts and activism in NYC. She currently builds out of her consulting practice, Radiant Strategies. Hali was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in Kansas City. She graduated from Princeton University, studied Buddhism in Bangkok, Thailand, and received a Masters in Social Work from New York University. Hali lives in Brooklyn, NY along with her family, two cats, a big dog and several hives of rooftop honeybees.

Janelle Teng

Janelle Teng (she/her) is a third generation Chinese American woman who was raised in Hawai’i, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Texas. In 2020, she left her job in media to take personal time with her husband and search for her next steps. She looks forward to using her time with the Lunar Project to explore practices around community and reciprocity.

Jen-Mei Wu

Jen-Mei Wu (she/her) is an artist, science/technology nerd, and activist. She writes speculative fiction, performs social justice lion (slam) dance troupe Comrade Lover, and is a consulting engineer. She also co-founded, a skills-building org for activists. Jen-Mei is passionate about racial justice, decolonization, abolition, arts, science, and education. Jen-Mei also volunteers for the Anti-Police Terror Project’s MH First, and wants y’all to spread the word about this great abolitionist crisis line: 510-999-9MH1 (510-999-9641; @mhfirstoak).

Ke Wu

Ke Wu (she/her) largely grew up in Tucson, AZ where she was deeply influenced by the liberating potential of a progressive public education. She immigrated from Wuhan, China and began her American educational journey as an English-language learner. In her adult life, she’s been investigating inequity in and through education in the U.S. and abroad and trying to figure out what it takes to realize justice. Through this journey, she’s come to appreciate the rich and complex history of peoples and places and how that impacts individuals. She’s inspired to be in community and to unpack the intersectional influences and histories that have shaped who she is and the mother she will become.

Rebecca Shea

Rebecca Shea (she/her) is a resource mobilizer/consultant for nonprofit organizations. She is excited to join the Lunar Project. In her free time, she loves cooking, knitting, crafting, and taking naps. Lately she has been eating so many delicious potato chips in Asian flavors (Hainan chicken, anyone?) and would be happy to make chip recommendations for other Lunar Project members.

Rio Holaday

Rio Holaday (she/her) is a graphic recorder and facilitator based in San Francisco on Ohlone land. She has a strong grounding in social justice and public health, and is currently a Culture of Health Leader with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Rio became a graphic recorder after a career in public health because she believes in the importance of witnessing, making people feel heard, and making conversations accessible in order to make change.

Rosie Abriam

Rosie Abriam (she/her) is an instructor with the Institute of Zen Studies. Her career has spanned roles in government, non-profit, start-ups and corporate entities. Rosie serves numerous national organizations including FilVetREP, Forward Together, the Leader Project and AAPIP. She has taught martial arts for over 25 years and is a Gura Fifth Degree of the Kamatuuran School of Kali. She claims the SF Bay Area as home but currently lives in the Metro DC area with her husband.

Sharon Dowdell

Sharon Dowdell (she/her) is a social impact investor and philanthropist with a deep passion for the restoration of disempowered identities and the integration of all of our diverse parts to enable greater self-actualization, both individually and collectively. She has a background in marketing and consulting, which she now leverages as she shifts her focus to mission aligned startups. Sharon is a member of Toniic, NEXUS Global, and the Golden Seeds angel group. She holds an MBA from ESADE Business School (Barcelona) and a B.A. in Sociology and Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame. To connect with her mother’s roots, she taught english in Korean high schools for 2 years on a Fulbright Grant.

Sonia Sarkar

Sonia Sarkar (she/her) is a first generation Bengali American based in Baltimore by way of the hills of Austin and Northern California. When not chasing the perfect breakfast taco, she works at the intersection of healing justice and democratizing capital – as a Social Entrepreneur in Residence at Common Future, a network of leaders working to build a new restorative economy, she oversees Healing Capital, an initiative supporting BIPOC communities seeking direct ownership of the capital and financing necessary for true well-being. She is also Director for Social Homes and Health Equity at the SNF Agora Institute’s P3 Lab at Johns Hopkins University, where she supports movement-building organizations in illustrating how transformational organizing changes conditions for health equity. Sonia is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Leader and a Truman Scholar, and holds a B.A. from Johns Hopkins University, as well as an MPH and DrPH from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She’s a big fan of reading/writing poetry, long swims, planning group trips, and terrible reality TV shows.

The Lunar Project Team

Sabrina Wu

Sabrina Wu (she/her) is a second generation Chinese American who has dedicated her career to social justice and equity. She brings to The Lunar Project a deep commitment to racial and economic justice, professional experience in philanthropy, community education, and designing a community governed fund, and her love of building community with Asian Americans, especially over food and politics!

Yichen Feng

Yichen Feng (she/her) is a first generation Chinese American with a large and loud family from Shanghai. She has spent the last 10+ years in finance, investing in and advising technology, media, and telecommunications companies with a focus on education technology. The Lunar Project is her wildest dream, where she is able to integrate multiple identities and use her skills in service of racial and economic justice.


LiZhen Wang

LiZhen Wang (they/them & she/her) is an astrologer, facilitator, and food-grower based in Huichin (Oakland) and Taipei. They have been a consulting astrologer since 2014, and in 2020 started the Astrology for Social Movements project. LiZhen’s research focuses on the planetary patterns undergirding movements for abolition and collective freedom. They also teach a 3-month program called ON PURPOSE: An Astrological Discovery of What You’re Here For and co-founded the Block Build Be retreat, an annual gathering dedicated to harmonizing the wisdom of spirituality with the power of social movements— and that centers Black, Asian, and other POC, and strives to embody Disability Justice.

The Moon

The Moon (she/her/they/them). Our project is named after the moon, which has served as a guide for time and direction for many Asian cultures ranging from calendars to seafaring. It is a space to shape change, together. We look towards our ancestors and the role the moon has played in our cultures for guidance throughout this emergent process.